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"Expanded the range of our new product - KND140/160NM Machine"

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MPN 1-40 CNC Drill 

Vertical drilling machine CNC 1-40 MPN - is designed to automatically drill holes with diameters up to 40 mm and a depth of 300 mm with special emphasis den sieve, sieve, baffles, and other items requiring a large number of holes. 

Vertical drilling machine tool is equipped with the latest type CNC SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840sl. Applied directly HEIDENHAIN measuring systems allow to obtain high accuracy positioning systems working machine. 

The drill was used drives backlash-free transmission systems: 

  • Gears rolling screws (Y and Z axis);
  • Strips gears and planetary gears with backlash cancellation system (X axis) 
All axes are equipped with machines rolling guides. The spindle speed is infinitely adjustable from 0 - 3000 revs / min. 

Drill has a spindle with built-in auto break-away tool. The cooling system provides cooling, both through the tool, as well as the spout. The machine is equipped with a chip conveyor and coolant filtration station 




Sliding doors (X-axis)

6500 mm

Headstock stroke (Y axis)

4750 mm

Tailstock spindle (Z axis)

350 mm



Taper in spindle ISO

ISO 50

Spindle speed range 1

1 – 3000 obr/min.

Maximum torque on the spindle

305 Nm

Main drive motor power

16 kW

Maximum drilling diameter

40 mm



Range of feeds in the X, Y, 0

0 – 4500 mm/min

Range of feeds in the Z-axis 0

0 – 3000 mm/min

The maximum drilling depth of up to

do 300 mm



CNC SINUMERIK 840D sl, or other by. requirements

Sinumerik 840D sl, lub inne wg. wymagań

Power supply

3 x 400V

Total power installed

80 kVA

Machine Weight

25000 kg

Machine dimensions

12500 x 8000 x 3500 mm



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