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   calendar  14.11.2011 r.
New products on offer

"Expanded the range of our new product - KND140/160NM Machine"

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Repairs and upgrades ...

The company "ELEKTRO-STER" offers full or partial modernization and repairs of existing machinery and equipment and the modernization of both the mechanical and electrical parts of machinery. Our own design department allows for the effective implementation of the most difficult tasks of repair and modernization in accordance with customer requirements. The basic services provided by "ELEKTRO-STER" for repairs and modernization of machinery and equipment can include: 
  • Complete and partial repairs of machinery and machine in restoring their original state.
  • Comprehensive (retrofit) and partial replacement of old mechanical systems, propulsion and controls with new ones.
  • Modernization of the classic reconstruction consisting of machine CNC machine tools.
  • Replacement of conventional relay - contactor control systems of machinery and equipment sterowaniami based PLC.
  • Replacement of conventional relay - contactor control systems of machinery and equipment sterowaniami based PLC.

Our repairs and upgrades are carried out based on the components and elements of the leading companies such as:

  • Digital drive systems: SINAMICS, SIMODRIVE 611D.
  • Universal SINAMICS drive systems.
  • DC Drive Systems SIMOREG.
  • PLC: SIMATIC S7-200, S7-300, S7-1200. 
  • CNC control systems.
  • Linear and linear displacement transducers and angle. 

- Other reputable companies according to customer requirements (FAGOR, FANUC, FATEK PRONUM and others).

The company "ELEKTRO-STER" also provides maintenance services for machines and equipment that were not delivered by it overhauled and modernized including without limitation the accuracy of measurements, together with its regulation, the creation and implementation of additional software and other works according to customer requirements. We also provide in-warranty service the full range of services on the newly supplied, renovated and upgraded our machinery and equipment. 

"ELEKTRO-STER" Sp. z o.o.
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tel. +48 32 4154796
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