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Chamfering F400 

Chamfering F400 is a modern structure designed to shape the ends of pipes with diameters ranging from 25 to 108 mm, with pipe wall thicknesses up to 18 mm. 

Chamfering F400 is produced in the right version, the symbol and the left F400P - F400L, which makes it ideal for automated machining lines long pipes and maintenance of machine tools without going to the other side of the machining line. 

Types of machining operations performed by chamfering: 

  • Processing of the pipe hole (for up to 50 mm),
  • Face processing pipe
  • Chamfering the outer edges. 

Chamfering consists of the following teams: 

  • Bed machine (Flatbed welded system),
  • Boring slide,
  • Longitudinal carriage chamfering drive ,
  • Team fixing material (pipe machined on the machine). 
Working spindle bottom bracket of chamfering put in a rotary motion by means of an electric motor with variable speed controlled by inverter. Used in the control system SIMATIC S7 cooperating with SIEMENS OP7 panel to control the cycle and the reference and visualization of machining cycle parameters (feed speed, travel speed and travel path). Longitudinal drive is implemented by means of toothed belt drive assembly and the running gear screws. Team fastening material are two self-centering lathe handles attached to the bracket resting on the bed. Lathe Chuck axis coincides with the axis of bottom bracket spindles wytaczarskiego. Clenching the jaw in the handles is in an automatic way by using pneumatic gear motors and signaling system to confirm the settings of the workpiece. 


The largest diameter of the mounting bracket

fi = 120 mm

Tool Spindle Taper ISO

ISO 50

Spindle speed range

400 ÷ 1500 obr./min.

Maximum power

10 kW

Longitudinal slide of chamfering

400 mm

Chamfering ange of feed slide

0 ÷ 500 mm/min.

Chamfering rapid traverse slide

6000 mm/min.

Chamfering slide positioning repeatability

0,02 mm

The smallest diameter of the tube workpiece

fi = 25mm

The largest pipe diameter machined

fi = 108 mm

The largest wall thickness of 18 mm machined

18 mm

Dimensions [length x W x H]  

1470 x 660 x 1635 mm

The total weight of the machine ca

ca 3,5 t


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