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   calendar  14.11.2011 r.
New products on offer

"Expanded the range of our new product - KND140/160NM Machine"

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The company "ELEKTRO-STER" in the context of a comprehensive customer service also provides construction services especially important when installing new or moving to a new position of machinery and equipment. The scope of work offered includes:
  • Design and execution of foundations for machinery and equipment.
  • Work with corrosion protection.
  • Installation of steel structures, scaffolding on bridges and overpasses.
  • Work at heights.
  • General building work. 

The business of construction and assembly company "ELEKTRO-STER" has the following powers and certifications: 

  • Permissions height using rope techniques ..
  • Certified Welding Institute for welding gas and electric.
  • Permissions operator construction and assembly scaffolding, metal ..
  • The power to fire assembly aluminum joinery.
  • Entitlement to service compressors, pressure equipment (gritters).
  • Specialists for flood rescue.
  • Hook Permissions

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tel. +48 32 4154796
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